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New year's Eve in Znojmo

Year reunited and Boney M REVIVAL break out again on new year's Eve to entertain people. This time we're going to Znojmo where us invited as a performer on the square radio Blaník. From Hradec Králové, where we come from, it's a long journey to Znojmo (over three hours by car), and so we decided to celebrate our anniversary here and the arrival of the new year and overnight stay. The road to Znojmo was fine and ran away like water. Upon arrival, we first stayed at the hotel (hotel Bermuda, we can only recommend) and then we headed out the direction of the square. It was winter-5 ° c, and the square was full of people who seemed to be waiting for our performance. And you did! Exactly in the 22 hours after the announcement, I climbed on the podium, and our show could begin. It was wonderful. the whole square was full of people and they sang, danced and bobbed to the rhythms of the songs. Who experienced it, understand what it is. What a feeling one has when he sees that the people having fun, laughing and enjoying it, and you know, that is fine. That is why we do it. For people to have fun and we must if only for a moment to help them tackle their problems. Our performances culminated in this, when our Petya on Rasputin svéknul to the waist and a full four minutes danced in the cold without shirts and jackets. Do you understand? This simply do just that for the show and to amuse the people do anything. Well of course I left zahambit and right also was dropped, as was a colleague a piece of our clothes. They were, however, only jackets. seriously it was cold and I only women. People appreciated it, even found one of the crowd, which is svléknul also … crazy!!  Finally, we add the two songs and the stage for a stormy applause. It was amazing and it was worth all the money in the world. Evening in Znojmo for over us appearances. On the square, we welcomed the arrival of the new year and wait for the fireworks. Then we went into town to celebrate, they've all successfully mastered and the new year. Our party is stretched into the late morning hours. Znojmo is divine! Thank you very much.



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