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Mníšecký festival of our eyes

Boney m monkOur band has released this time on the path direction of Mníšek in Liberec.  In more info on the football field ran the festival where we invite organizers as a performer.

At the festival we arrived at around eight o'clock in the evening. The trip was awesome as always and after parking in the area, the US took a very nice lady who took us to our dressing room.

On the scene we were expected at 9 pm, so we had a lot of time, and so I went to pass through the area. When we arrived, the band played and we were a bit disappointed that so few people dancing, and we were hoping that when our performance is everything changes, and people start to really have fun. In our survey, we caught a good drink, and after returning to the locker room, we slowly began to prepare.  Preparation of the US do not last long. We have a lot of years, and so we were ready in half an hour, and on the way to the stage, where we did the nice lady. While waiting for a call from the moderator, we were so focused on the course and with butterflies in my stomach got to their seats.

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Boney M "astray"

Boney M revivSmiřiceal of Hradec Králové enjoyed an amazing show "astray" in Smiřicích.

Appearances in the Smiřicích I enjoyed very much. When we were on the performance, it was clear to us that this will be a great evening. "Astray" we were and we knew that awaits us in a great atmosphere and wonderful people. I were not mistaken.
Performance was great and the mood are the thumbs-up or a horde of mud that separated our dressing room because of the rain and the stage. By the way, our speeches so liked that people were dancing in front of the stage, where the roof was, and so was the already mentioned all around the mud. Hour on stage as the water ran out and we are after the mound and headed for the Encore songs back on the year with cyklooázy visitors "astray". Continue reading

New year's Eve in Znojmo

Year reunited and Boney M REVIVAL break out again on new year's Eve to entertain people. This time we're going to Znojmo where us invited as a performer on the square radio Blaník. From Hradec Králové, where we come from, it's a long journey to Znojmo (over three hours by car), and so we decided to celebrate our anniversary here and the arrival of the new year and overnight stay. The road to Znojmo was fine and ran away like water. Upon arrival, we first stayed at the hotel (hotel Bermuda, we can only recommend) and then we headed out the direction of the square. It was winter-5 ° c, and the square was full of people who seemed to be waiting for our performance. And you did! Exactly in the 22 hours after the announcement, I climbed on the podium, and our show could begin. It was wonderful. the whole square was full of people and they sang, danced and bobbed to the rhythms of the songs. Continue reading

Diary of our working trip to Sebechleb on Slovakia

Our trip began innocently enough a little forced tour of Pardubice. We haven't even tried to get anywhere, and we've already lost. Fortunately our Petya "knows" Pardubice as a custom shoes and after a while we were on the right road and drove the direction of Brno. Traveling through the Highlands was one poem. The beautiful nature and comfort in the car are produced in a great mood and so after arriving in a rest stop on the highway we they were revelling a great mood. There are to ensure that no food, 'cause it was great and the Lady waitress are in the mood improved even more, I can't exactly quote her words, but it was something like this: "I'd love to have you here, or you don't want to go away. You are hilarious and I'm sure you would me kicks improve mood. " So it occurs to me now: well after our departure a little better mood? Continue reading